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Detailing hundreds of plant species, this new and fully revised edition of the Yates Gardening Guide contains everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit.

The new 79th edition includes:

New recommendations for pest and disease control and updated problem-solving charts
Recommendations on keeping chickens
How to establish a community garden
Encouraging bees in the garden
Growing microgreens
A new herb planting and growing chart
New and revised hints from some of New Zealand's top gardeners.

Yates Garden Guide 79th Edition (NZ Edition)

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  • Yates is the number one bestselling gardening brand in New Zealand. In 1895 Arthur Yates saw the need for a publication that answered gardeners' questions so he wrote the first YATES GARDEN GUIDE, a comprehensive gardening book that is still published more than 110 years later.

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