In every country around the world are grandpas short and tall.

Though they go by different names, we love them one and all.

From brilliant new talents Ashleigh Barton and Martina Heiduczek, comes a charming and heart-warming book that celebrates the many different ways we say grandpa.

What Do You Call Your Grandpa? is a love letter to grandfathers and families from every corner of the globe.

What do you call Your Grandpa

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  • Ashleigh is a communications professional with experience marketing and promoting children's books from board books to young adult novels. She works as a freelance content writer and copywriter, crafting countless website content, blog articles, marketing materials and social media marketing for clients in various industries all over the world. She also runs a food blog and Etsy store, just for fun.

  • Martina grew up in a small village on the Baltic Sea in Germany. Here you could find her mostly galloping through the forests with flying piggy tails on her Shetland pony, drawing or reading. These days she is an illustrator and graphic designer and lives in Australia. Martina's illustrations are a mixture of digital and traditional media. With a passion for colour and textures she works with layers of scanned materials, coloured pencils, watercolour and gouache. Her works are inspired by nature, people, places, and the emotionally moving and silly things she sees out there... Magic is everywhere!

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