This gorgeous book presents the noble and powerful horse in spellbinding photographs, revealing text, and extended captions. Sabine Stuewer has been observing horses for years - when they are alone and in groups. Her images are an indulgent visual treat, revealing the pure beauty of horses and their connection to their environment and their companions.

Emmanuelle Brengard interprets the horses' behaviours - one minute calmly grazing, in a frenzied gallop the next, grooming each other, nuzzling a foal, battling for a mate - giving horse lovers a better understanding of the animal.

The book's sections are:

  • In the Harem - the harem family of about 10 (a stallion and his mares and foals), social order
  • The Stallion - charisma, postures, fights between males, reproduction
  • Mares and Foals - birth, educating the foals, foal games
  • The Nuances of Friendship - hierarchy, games among adults
  • The Partnerships - mares and foals, resting and sleep, adults protecting the herd and grooming
  • Gallop to Freedom - photo gallery
  • Finely Honed Senses - smell, sight, taste, hearing, communication, the gaits
  • Fits of Madness - jumps and leaps to release stress and energy, and to stretch

Those who ride horses will tell you that they are complex animals possessing a wide range of behaviours. It can take years of watching and being with horses to truly understand them. The Horse brings a closer view to their world in a new way, one that is possible only with the authors' decades of experience observing, photographing and interacting with the charismatic horse.

The Horse

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  • Emmanuelle Brengard has been riding horses for 30 years. She is a writer and journalist and has directed Cheval Star, Galopin and Cheval Star BD magazines for a decade. This is her third book.

    For more than 25 years, Sabine Stuewer has traveled widely to photograph pets and wild animals, with a preference for horses and dogs.

    200 colour photographs

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