The intermittent fasting diet, or alternate day fasting, is transforming lives. It is based on the principle that reducing your daily intake to under 500 calories for selected days a week is a more natural way to eat, as well as a highly effective way of reducing weight rapidly. This book explains how to introduce fasting into a busy lifestyle, work out calorie counts, avoid hunger pangs and manage fast days, with 130 sustaining, healthy and delicious recipes. With nutritionally-balanced dishes that keep you fuller for longer, and make the most of low calorie ingredients, this book makes steady and sustainable weight loss an achievable goal.

The Easy Fasting

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  • Penny Doyle is an experienced food writer and cook who is also a qualified and widely experienced dietitian and nutrition consultant. A specialist in coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes, Penny combines her work as an NHS dietitian with her own freelance consultancy.

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