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This beautifully presented book offers a visual identifier and gardening guide, with expert advice on growing and using hundreds of herbs.

The book explains how to design and plant your herb garden. Themed gardens, such as medieval Shakespearean and a pot-pourri herb garden, are described, with planting plans and plant lists. Advice on how to choose herbs to suit your garden conditions and location is provided.

There are step-by-step projects for creating herb features such as raised beds and herb wheels, as well as guidance on day-to-day maintenance, and how to effectively deal with pests and diseases.

With over 730 photographs, plans and illustrations, this is both an inspirational and practical guide to herbs and herb gardening.

The Complete Guide to Garden Herbs

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  • Jessica Houdret has a passion for herbs. She grew herbs commercially for ten years and ran workshops on their many uses. She was on the council of the British Herb Trade Association for several years and has also served on the council of the Herb Society. Jessica is a regular contributor of articles on herbs to national publications and has lectured at summer schools. She has written books on cooking with herbs, herb gardening and the history of herbs.

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