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A compelling and confronting book that examines what it means to be young and male in the 21st century. An important book that is guaranteed to stimulate debate and discussion. For Sam and his schoolfriends the compulsory school camp is a time of great testing and endurance. Not only do the boys have to struggle with tough mountain climbs and canoeing trips, but there is the final descent into the cave - the ultimate test of all. And all of these physical challenges are accompanied by hot days, freezing cold nights, inadequate and badly cooked food, no washing facilities and plenty of flies. It's no wonder this experience is a living hell for most of the boys, especially since there is a lot of bullying and nastiness to contend with as well. For Sam this particular camp becomes a personal journey of growth as he grieves for his beloved dead grandfather and searches for his own masculine identity.the Cave is a young adults novel that questions the traditional forms of masculine rites of passage and challenges the reader to consider alternatives. As the boys endure the seemingly endless hardships of the camp, they question who they are and what they hope to become.

The Cave

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  • Susanne Gervay 

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