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Organic Merchant’s stainless steel single cup tea infuser with a fine mesh is ideal for travelling or making a single cup at home. Our tea infusers are made of food grade stainless steel meaning they don’t leach a metallic taste. The fine mesh that will keep smaller herbs and leaves from our tea blends escaping into your cup.

How to use this loose leaf tea strainer?

  • Open the tea strainer’s chamber and scoop in your favourite loose leaf tea.
  • Close the chamber and place it into your single cup… now wait…
  • When your tea reaches the desired strength, remove the stainless steel strainer from the cup.
  • The real advantage comes when cleaning it. With many other strainers, the loose leafs often seem to get stuck in the mesh and are difficult to remove. With our model, you just have to open up the chamber in the same way as in the beginning and let water wash out the leaves through the hole in the top. It is also dishwasher safe.

Tea Infuser - Stainless Steel

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