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When handsome young Englishman Ian Richardson inherits Kanimbla, the biggest sheep property in the Murrawee district, everyone expects him to sell up, take the money and run - especially when they learn of his long-term plan to study medicine at Cambridge. But Ian quickly proves himself to be a capable boss, earning the respect of his employees and clients, and winning the heart of every woman he meets, especially the beautiful Fiona McDonald.

Ian's boundless energy is infectious, and when he suggests that the community pull together to rescue their dying township, even the most hardened cattlemen stand up to be counted. As Ian and Fiona work side by side to help put Murrawee back on the map, Fiona becomes more and more hopeful of their future together, but Ian is torn - should he stay? Or should he follow his dream of working in medical research? And then Ian receives a letter from the estate of his long-dead parents, and the path he must follow is suddenly crystal-clear.

Silver In The Sun

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  • A. D. (Tony) Parsons, OAM, has worked as a professional sheep and wool classer, an agricultural journalist, a news editor and rural commentator on radio, a consultant to major agricultural companies, and an award-winning stud breeder of animals and poultry. He owned his first kelpie dog in 1944, and in 1950 he established 'Karrawarra', one of the top kelpie studs in Australia. In 1992 he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the propagation of the Australian kelpie sheepdog.

    Since 1947 he has written hundreds of articles, many in international publications. His technical publications include Understanding Ostertagia Infections in Cattle, The Australian Kelpie, The Working Kelpie and Training the Working Kelpie, now regarded as classic works on the breed. His previous novels, The Call of the High Country and Return to the High Country, were both bestsellers.

    Tony lives with his wife not far from Toowoomba in Queensland and successfully showed merino sheep and wool until 2005. He still maintains a stud of kelpies.

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