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Rafi's engagement party is the talk of the feeds. Her dress is spectacular and her fiance, Col Palafox, is charming. But Rafi and Col are both prisoners - with bomb collars around their necks.

Surveillance dust records their every move, tracks every glance. And there will be deadly consequences if Rafi's father realises that it's Frey who stayed behind in Shreve, while Rafi escaped with the rebels.

With help from the rebels, Frey and Col must try to reach the neighbouring city of Paz, where they hope to be safe. But Frey and Rafi's father has destructive plans even for the City of Peace. When the dust settles after the disaster he initiates, will Frey be able to find a way to survive?

Shatter City continues the heart-stopping action in the brilliant Impostors series by acclaimed bestselling author Scott Westerfeld.

Shatter City

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  • Scott Westerfeld is best known as the author of the Uglies series, a number-one New York Times bestseller, and the Leviathan and Zeroes trilogies, both New York Times bestsellers. His standalone novels include So Yesterday, and Afterworlds . His other works include the Midnighters trilogy, the Peeps and Risen Empire duologies, and the eponymous first book of the Horizon multiplatform series. His novels have won the Philip K Dick Special Citation, the Aurealis Award (twice), the Victorian Premier's Award, and have been named New York Times Notable Books and Best Books for Young Adults Top Ten Children's Books of the Year.

    Scott also co-wrote the Shay's Story Uglies - based graphic novels with Devin Grayson. He is also the author of the graphic novel Spill Zone, illustrated by Alex Puvilland.

    He lives in Sydney and New York.