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The Australian Outback Chai is an intoxicating combination of the wild outback spices. This rich and inviting blend of roasted Wattleseed with Tasmanian pepper berry brings together the aroma of roasted coffee, with pleasing sweet spice, chocolate and hazelnut characteristics.

Exciting announcement: Our Outback Chai won bronze at the Golden Leaf Awards, in the category ‘rooibos blend’.Ingredients in our award winning Australian Outback Chai:Rooibos (certified organic)Ginger (certified organic)Cinnamon (certified organic)Roasted Wattle Seed (wildcrafted)Tasmanian Pepper (wildcrafted)The ingredients we use for this blend are a mix of certified organic and wildcrafted.Brewing instructions:Use 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water.Let the loose leaf infusion soak until the aroma reaches your desired strength. This blend requires a minimum of 5 minutes brewing time. We recommend the use of glass tea ware with internal strainers for an optimal preparation of loose leaf infusions.Strain when the aroma developed the desired strength.Add organic milk and/or honey to your liking.Continue reading about how to make an iced chai latte.This blend is now also available in our Australian Native Botanicals Gift Box.Benefits:Our Australian Outback Chai has a Rooibos base, which is a gentle whole body tonic, rich in antioxidants and minerals. In alternative medicine it is traditionally used to protect against disease as well as recommended for strengthening the body. Some studies indicate that Rooibos has up to 50 times more antioxidants than green tea, which has a positive effect on the skin and hair.Wattle seeds are native to Australia and naturally contain a fairly high concentration of potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. With a low glycemic index, they are good for diabetics, providing a steady stream of sugars that do not produce sudden rises in blood glucose levels.

Outback Chai