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When Monkey D. Luffy first set out to sea in a leaky rowboat, he had no idea what might lie over the horizon. Now he's got a crew—sort of—in the form of swordsman Roronoa Zolo and treasure-hunting thief Nami.

If he wants to prove himself on the high seas, Luffy will have to defeat the weird pirate lord Buggy the Clown. He'll have to find a map to the Grand Line, the sea route where the toughest pirates sail. And he'll have to face the Dread Captain Usopp, who claims to be a notorious pirate captain...but frankly, Usopp says a lot of things...

One Piece Volume

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  • Eiichiro Oda is a Japanese manga artist known as the creator of the series One Piece. With more than 473 million tankobon copies in circulation worldwide, One Piece is both the best-selling manga and the best-selling comic series of all time, in turn making Oda one of the best-selling fiction authors. 

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