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This novel thinks Malaysian MH370 outside the box. Brilliant English TV investigative reporter LYNN GALLOWAY is filming in Sydney Airport. An Australian woman harangues Lynn thinking she is with an Australian TV company. The lady is distraught; the plane which vanished flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with her husband on it is still missing. How and why did the plane disappear? Did the pilot commit suicide or was the plane hijacked? Did it simply crash somewhere undiscovered? REZA SHAH, a nuclear physicist from Iran and a Chinese friend were recruited by their governments to provide Iran with weapons grade uranium. With another Iranian scientist, they were on the plane. MUHAMED SUBRAMA was the pilot. Lynn investigates the tragic story, but she needs a lead, and her investigation stalls. Later she visits her boyfriend in a Buenos Aires hospital; he was stabbed, mugged, and left for dead after a classic football match in the city. There in Argentina she finds her big lead. Lynn's investigation into the disappearance of the plane, the pilot, and the passengers uncovers a terrible secret, and her life is in danger. Terry Stanton's plot is riveting. Could this be what happened to MH370, which vanished in 2014? This novel will make you think: "What we are not being told?"

No Mayday! No Mayday!

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  • Terry Stanton

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