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What are Wimmelbooks? Wimmelbooks display wordless panoramas teeming with tons of persons and things toddlers can find in their daily life. Younger readers (around two years of age) have a blast identifying their favorite objects—for example, things that are red, animals, or a specific element of the book that catches their eye, such as a cool car or particularly funny character. They also delight in seeing social interactions and actions familiar to them: a pat on the back, a dog that barks, a person who lends a helping hand, and so on. Then, as kids grow up and develop their cognitive abilities, they learn to engage with the book at the next level: identifying the characters in the Wimmelbooks as well as their storylines.

Here’s how it works: In each Wimmelbook, children are introduced to a cast of characters on the first page. As they flip through the book, they’re encouraged to seek out the characters, hidden in plain sight among the hustle and bustle of their Wimmelworld.  As they do, a story unfolds from page to page as each character experiences one thing after another. Think Where’s Waldo?, except that with Wimmelbooks, young readers experience a story being told right before their eyes, and effortlessly begin their path toward literacy as a result.

In My Big Wimmelbook—Animals Around the World, young readers go on a captivating journey around the world to see lions, tigers, dolphins, tortoises—just about every animal you can imagine! They’ll join a wildlife photographer and researchers on their quest, a family on an epic vacation, and so many more charming characters as they seek to find animals of all types in a variety of landscapes—from the Antarctic region to the African plains and beyond!

My Big Wimmelbook Animals Around the World

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  • Stefan Lohr is a book designer and illustrator based in Ravensburg, Germany. Lohr studied communications and design at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, Germany and has been a freelance illustrator and graphic designer ever since. Since 1999, he has worked as an illustrator for many renowned children's book publishers and advertising agencies.