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Never have two distinct crafts paired as beautifully as knitting and beading. In Knit One, Bead Too Judith Durant introduces crafters to fun stitching techniques that perk up knitted items with beautiful beads. Now knitters will have fun embellishing their fiber crafts with pretty beads, and jewelry makers will enjoy the challenge of working with beads in a whole new way.

Knit One, Bead Too arms crafters with the skills to pair fibers and beads in unexpected ways. Five distinct knitting methods fully incorporate beads into knitted items rather than simply adding beads as fringe or appliqu‚. The results are intricate works of art that every knitter will be proud to wear.

Each of the five techniques - Bead Knitting, Beaded Knitting, Slipstitch Bead Knitting, Carry-along Bead Knitting, and Hooked Beading - is carefully described with in-depth text and step-by-step illustrations. Durant describes all the tips and tricks of knitting with each technique, including casting on and binding off, beading with various stitches, and correcting mistakes.

Each of the five technique sections includes three complete patterns that highlight that beading method. A Golden Purse shows off Beaded Knitting on an evening bag that sparkles and shimmers. A subtler project uses Slipstitch Bead Knitting to add elegance to a Magic Mohair Beret. Thirteen additional projects give crafters plenty of options to play with before striking out on their own. Once the techniques are mastered, knitters will want to add beads to all sorts of patterns!

Knit One, Bead Too

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