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Includes a terrible agonising death by flesh-eating zombies, a battle with brussel sprouts (the sprouts win) and the disgusting fact that cockroaches can live for nine days without their heads (they only die because they starve to death).

Is this the right book for you?

Take the DISGUSTING TEST and find out.

  • Do you do any or all of the following: pick your nose, talk in burps or wee in swimming pools?
  • Do you ever wear the same undies two (or more) days in a row?
  • Do you wish you knew the most disgusting thing in the world?
  • Do you think brussel sprouts are a delicious mouth-watering treat?
  • Do you like stories about dead flies, giant slugs and mysterious brown blobs?

  • SCORE: One point for each 'yes' answer.

    3-5 You are completely and utterly disgusting.

    You will love this book.

    1-2 You are fairly disgusting.

    You will love this book.

    0 You are a disgusting liar.

    You will love this book.

    Complemented by imaginative, chaotic and downright disgusting illustrations by Terry Denton.

Just Disgusting!

SKU: 9780330363686
  • Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are a creative partnership that began in earnest with Just Tricking! in 1997. Since then they have produced Just Annoying! (1998), Just Stupid! (1999), Just Crazy! (2000). In 2001, Andy wrote the comic action-thriller about bums that threaten to take over the world, The Day My Bum Went Psycho which was a national bestseller.

    Terry Denton has illustrated award-winning books such as The Paw and bestsellers such as Spooner or Later, Duck for Cover and Freeze a Crowd written by Paul Jennings and Ted Greenwood. His latest work can be found in his Storymaze series and in Passing On, which was shortlisted for the 2002 Children's Book Council, Picture Book of the Year Award.