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Cheese making is a wonderful adventure and very rewarding. Much like people who wish to make their own bread, grow their own vegetables or make their own wines and beers, many cheese makers know that you cannot replace the quality of handmade cheese with the mass produced supermarket cheeses available today. There is no doubt in my mind that the cheeses I can make myself at home are far superior to the commercially produced cheese at the supermarket. Plus, I can make various boutique cheeses at home which aren't readily available at the stores.
Additionally, the importance of eating foods without chemical additives, artificial colourings and preservatives is growing, as the awareness of the negative effects of these non-food additives increases. As with other foods, when you make your own cheeses you control the ingredients and can guarantee that you are eating pure, whole foods and not some man-made synthetic product that you really should not be putting into your body in the first place.
While there is a specific science to cheese making, it is also and art form and craft. The more cheese you make, the better you will get at it. Once you have mastered the basics, you can begin to experiment and create your own speciality cheeses to suit your own personal taste and the taste of your family and friends. There have been hundreds of different cheeses developed all over the world, over centuries of cheese making, by artisans who have added their own personal magic to the craft. These cheese makers have contributed to the creation of an incredibly rich culture of cheese making, benefiting both the cheese maker and the cheese consumer. You can now do this in your own kitchen, with minimum equipment, creating your own cheeses for every day consumption and special occasions.

Over 40 recipes for cheeses, yoghurt and kefir, on over 200 colour photo and information packed pages.

Home Cheese Making in Australia

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  • Valerie Pearson