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Using your chakras to awaken your spiritual power and live a richer life.

Ever since she was a little girl, Belinda Davidson has been aware of her psychic gifts and her power to 'read' other people.

At first she thought it was a curse; experiencing visitations, vivid visions of past lives and frightening others with her psychic connections.

As she now understands and appreciates the power of her extraordinary gifts, Belinda works as a spiritual mentor to help clients around the world to discover the source of persistent illness, relieve their trauma, release hidden talent and heal the past.

In Find Your Light she uses her knowledge to teach you how to:
- Self-assess and find blockages in all seven chakras
- Heal your chakras using time-proven techniques
- Recognise your psychic capacity and embrace your soul's purpose.

Belinda draws on years of research into the power of chakras to provide a powerful guide for those seeking to heal their soul and develop a deeper and more meaningful experience of life.

'Belinda is a gift to the world . . . her insights will help you navigate, connect with and find meaning on your journey.'
Dr Libby Weaver

Find Your Light

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  • Belinda Davidson is an international speaker, spiritual mentor and the Amazon bestselling author of the self-published book From Dark to Light. For fifteen years, Belinda worked as a professional medical intuitive, working closely together with doctors and healthcare practitioners; and for over twenty years, she's worked as a spiritual coach and mentor - among her clients are celebrities, CEOs and well-known business and industry leaders. Belinda was born highly intuitive and very psychic. 'A curse in her childhood,' she says, 'a wonderful gift later in life.'

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