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This Handbook is a comprehensive language resource for all Years 7 and 8 teachers and students. The book defines and develops all major language skills required in junior secondary years. This book is a must have as an accompaniment to all subjects in Years 7-8.

Students will find the Handbook invaluable in the classroom as a quick reference for any grammar and vocabulary questions, or at home for extra practice, to enhance their writing skills.

Teachers will find the activities invaluable for developing classroom activities and for ensuring the basic areas of English are catered for in the language program.

In Excel Student Grammar and Vocabulary Handbook Years 7 to 8 you will find:

  • all major areas of language development
  • information pages with clear definitions of terms and examples
  • activity pages to extend understanding of each concept
  • fascinating facts about the origin of certain words

Excel Essential Skills - Student Grammar and Vocabulary Handbook Years 7 - 8

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  • Peter Clutterbuck