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Enter the magical realm of dragons with this interactive guide. Build a spectacular 3D moving model of a Western dragon, then wind up the motor and watch it come to life! Find out everything you need to know about dragons from around the world with the 32-page book, from myths and legends to anatomy, behaviour and supernatural powers.

  • Includes 46 model card pieces to make a fantastic model of a European dragon that comes with a wind-up motor to make its wings flap, and jaws that open and close
  • Visually captivating book explores the myths and mysteries of dragons from around the world
  • Features an anatomical insight into dragons, focusing on the wings, claws, skeleton, wings and more; also offers an exploration of the magical powers and abilities of various types of dragons

Build The Dragon

SKU: 9781925381702
  • Dugald Steer has written numerous books on the subject of myths and legends, including the renowned ‘Ology’ series which includes Dragonology, Egyptology, Wizardology and Pirateology, in addition to the ‘Ology handbooks and the Dragonology Pocket Adventures.

  • Jonathan Woodward is a wildlife Illustrator specialising in creating illustrations for a wide range of clients – from children’s book publishers to eco-resorts. He is renowned for using a cut paper collage style with recycled magazines. Douglas Carrel specialises in fantasy-related artwork and, most notably, illustrated the hugely successful Dragonology. He blends the ‘odd and the exotic’ in his work to produce unique illustrations.


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