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Minecraft - a humble computer game about placing blocks - is today a global phenomenon that has captured imaginations around the world with the infinite possibilities it offers its players.

Minecraft City showcases the towering heights of this creative freedom, featuring incredible cityscapes from master builders that have been years in the making. Featuring vistas from sprawling urban metropolises to otherwordly fantasy kingdoms, with step-by-step tutorials for readers to create structures and features within. Learn how to create helicopters, lamp posts, famous landmarks, historical castles, super slides, big wheels, and much more.

With builds to suit all skills levels, Minecraft City will appeal to all fans of the game. What would you build?

Block City

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  • Yazur Strovoz is Canadian and lives in Montreal. Yazur has loved drawing and building cities ever since he was a kid. He started building LEGO cities at the age of six and pursued this for four years, until his friend introduced him to Minecraft. Yazur began building Minecraft cities in Survival mode on a private Freebuild server he shared with his friend.

    At that time, the game was just a beta version. When the developers eventually added Creative mode, which offers infinite resources, Yazur decided to take on a bigger project and create the most modern city on Minecraft. He opened a public server called Alphacraft, began developing connections with other Minecraft players, and started recruiting people to help with his projects. Yazur's greatest achievement to date is Lapiz City Point, one of the most realistic and detailed cities on Minecraft. The cities boast 1,000 realistic buildings, a tramway train system, a subway train system, and functional roads. Yazur and his recruits have worked more than 5,000 hours on it. His favorite building in Lapiz Point is the Commercial Center, which is one of his biggest constructions. He has also made a name for himself for his vehicles, including cars, planes, helicopters, and boats.

    Being involved in the Minecraft community has and continues to allow Yazur to develop his talents and architectural creativity. It also allows him to share the way he sees the world through his art. This book is an opportunity to further share his visions, alongside those of his fellow Minecraft builders.