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This is a comprehensive directory, illustrated with beautiful photographs, describes more than 400 international apple varieties. It includes all the gardener needs to know about growing, training and pruning apple trees, as well as harvesting and storing the apples. It outlines the fascinating story of apple cultivation across the continents, and modern methods of breeding and developing new cultivars. Apples have long been a popular fruit, and can easily be cultivated in your own garden. This authoritative book explains with clear step-by step instructions on the best way to plant, look after and harvest your fruits. To help you choose a suitable variety, there is a visual directory, showing over 400 apple types, in a convenient alphabetical order. A photograph of each apple is shown both cut and whole, there is detailed information on the origin, parentage and appearance of the apple while still on the tree, with a description of the leaves, taste and texture, as well as any other particular points of interest to help with identification and choice.

Apples & How to Grow Them

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