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This non-fiction picture book will cover the history of the land masses that we know as Southeast Asia and will be written by the highly respected and awarded historical fiction author and Children's Laureate, Jackie French, and ANU academic, Professor Virginia Hooker and complimented with the beautiful artwork of Mark Wilson. Southeast Asia is our neighbour, but to many it is almost unknown beyond holiday destinations in Bali or Bangkok.It is an essential part of our curriculum, but with almost no material to support it.

Even those who know its modern geography don't know its history. At most, Southeast Asia is seen as individual countries.And yet it's not. the history of Southeast Asia and Australia is intertwined. We are linked by the winds and great tides that bring our weather; by the seas that brought conquerors, or those who sailed here and stayed. A volcano in Indonesia may bring down planes in Perth, or cause a drought in tasmania.

This is the story of the region, from the first footstep, more than 60,000 years ago, to the ASEAN conference of 2015. Divided into sections, the book will tell the story of one land, one era of history, but also how that past and place isl linked to us all. It is a book that will hopefully entice both children and adults to seek more in the extensive notes and materials that will support the book, but will also be read for its own beauty and insight into the region where we live, but do not know. the authors hope that their ties within the region will mean the book is sold to countries in the region. As the title says, it is about us all.

All Of Us

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  • Mark Wilson is a respected painter and children's book illustrator, who exhibits regularly. He also plays drums in a number of bands and is a long time supporter of the Wilderness Society. He lives in Melbourne.